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27 Jun 2013

Inspiring student visits Vietnam orphanages

Inspiring student visits Vietnam orphanages

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Graduates from our primary school often return to visit and spend a day at the school and see their old teachers.  We love it when they do this too!  We're always very proud to see them growing into fine young adults.

Yesterday, Ellis Silove (class of 2011) came and gave a presentation to the older primary age (Cycles 2 & 3) children,  sharing with the students his project to assist orphanages in Vietnam. Last year he decided to not have a traditional Bar Mitzvah, instead he chose to give something to a needy community. He asked for donations and raised over $8,000 for some of the most needy children in Vietnam. In December last year he personally went there with his brother to visit orphanages and schools to deliver the needed aid, which was in the form of toys, nappies, bicycles, repairs to the buildings, and a water filtration system for a boarding school. His presentation to our students this week included some amazing photos of his trip to Vietnam and clearly everyone was captured by his story and the tremendous impact this project had on so many needy people. 

The children were intrigued and fascinated by the lives of these children in a poor and remote area and asked many excellent questions.  To hear of this experience from another young person is inspiring and encourages the children to see themselves as part of the world beyond their own backyards and one day they too may contribute to helping others in some way.  

Extract from the trip report by Ellis and his brother Jake:

Vietnam Tam Ky 2012 Trip Report (Extract)

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