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29 Jul 2013

New Initiative for Final Year Students

New Initiative for Final Year Students

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We've just announced an exciting new initiative for our graduating students (year 6) that will commence this year.  

Called the Journey of Service Project it has been established by Montessori East as an opportunity for students in their last year of primary school to make a significant and real connection to the world they have been learning about.

The students will be asked to find a place that has a specific need in which they could make some positive contribution. They will choose a destination and plan that fits within the criteria set by the school and work as a group to make their ideas and plans a reality.

This year’s inaugural group of students will visit and work on a farm in Victoria for a week in early November. 

A little more about the reason why we established this project ......

The final year in Cycle 3 is a culmination of their learning and in some ways an introduction to the Third Plane (adolescence) of development defined by Dr Montessori.  Montessori often spoke of the child entering the 3rd plane as a child ready to connect with the society he/she has observed and learned about throughout the first two planes. For the first time, they no longer see themselves as sons or daughters, brothers or sisters, or students - but as individuals who must integrate all of their separate identities into one while moving into the larger community. They seek to understand their place in society and search for opportunities to contribute to society. During this time in their lives, they prefer to take on projects that require action and they believe they can make a positive difference in the world.

What are the benefits?

• Service – giving something to a community, a sense that "My contribution is worthwhile". 
• Bonding – an opportunity to cement their friendship and understanding of each other
• Learning – wherever they go, this will open their eyes to new experiences and a different community from the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

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