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19 Aug 2013

How do Montessori East children transition into high school?

How do Montessori East children transition into high school?

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We had a record turn out for last nights event with a panel of our ex– students who are now in high school.  This group of 10 young adults, who are in years 7, 8, 9 and university and at a range of different schools, discussed frankly and candidly their transition into mainstream high school from Montessori East.  

We do this particular event every year, and every year we are so impressed by these wonderful young people.  They are so articulate, open and possess a certain deep sense of self that is quite amazing.   Academically, they are all doing well at their chosen high schools and have adjusted to their new environments. Beyond that, they have emotional and social skills often far beyond their peers that will support them through adolescence and the years beyond. 

Guide Raji Sivapalan said in her closing words “We (Montessori East) provide the environment for the children to learn and flourish, but they do it themselves.  Our dream for the children is beyond school and the HSC.  We’re preparing them for life, to be good human beings.”

If you'd like to know more about how our students transition into high school, visit the Alumni page.

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