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13 Mar 2014

CSIRO Mathematician partnership

CSIRO Mathematician partnership

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Exciting news this week!   We’re pleased to announce the formation of a partnership between our school and a Mathematician through the CSIRO’s program “Mathematicians in Schools”. We have been on a waitlist for several years, so this comes with great delight!   Our Mathematician is Deborah Cromer and we expect that she will be able to start working with the school soon. 

Her role will be in a mentoring capacity to work with the special interests or projects students undertake in this subject area. She will visit the school to work with the teachers and students to encourage a love of all things maths. 

A bit about Deborah — “My degrees are in mathematics, however my real aim is to apply maths to the "real world" and use it to answer interesting questions. I therefore now actually work in a medicine department and apply mathematics to questions in biology, working with clinicians and other scientists to create mathematical models that explain their data.” 

We're really looking forward to this!

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