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19 Jun 2014

Where does recycling go?

Where does recycling go?

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Today most of us diligently separate our garbage for recycling but have you ever been curious about what happens to it after it gets tossed into those big garbage trucks?  Seeing the whole process is a logical step if  children are to better understand and appreciate what recycling is all about and why it's important.  An excursion to Sydney's Waste Management Facility at Chullora was a fascinating experience.  Many tonnes of rubbish are processed there each week and seeing it all being sorted and separated was a eye opening.  

Here is one young students thoughts after the event.

“Today we went to Chullora material recovery facility from 10.30 to 12.30pm. The bus drove us through the transfer station where the recycling happens. Our guide took us to the education centre and was very patient answering all our questions. The eldest children from cycle 2 (Banjo, Isabella, Marli, Satori, Jocely, Sophia & Phoenix ) came with us today. Everyone was so excited when they saw all the big machines moving and working in the factory. It was a lot of fun and very interesting.”  By Peter (9 yo)

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