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1 Aug 2014

Peer group leaders are a special bunch

Peer group leaders are a special bunch

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lunch with Raji

The peer group system at Montessori East ensures that all graduating students have the opportunity to be a leader and experience what it means to have responsibilities as a leader.   This is unique to Montessori versus a prefect system where a select few are chosen.  Our students look forward to the honour of being a leader and their experience in each cycle, moving from youngest to eldest, nurtures them in this journey.  

Raji Sivapalan co-ordinates the Cycle 2 and 3 peer groups and provides mentoring to the peer group leaders (eldest graduating students in Cycle 3).  Every fortnight Raji sits and has lunch with the peer group leaders; they talk about such things as what they’re doing in their peer groups, the vegetable garden maintenance, the upcoming journey of service, and she generally provides them with guidance and mentoring as needed.  For the students, it feels like it is a privilege to have this special time as the “prefects” of our school.  Over lunch their ideas are heard and it’s a good time for sharing ideas and even concerns.  The students have known Raji since they were three years old and they know she’s a good listener and there for them.

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