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18 Feb 2015

"What's for lunch?" Linking maths, teamwork and planning tastes great!

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"What's for lunch?" Cooking for 30 might panic some adults, but not the 6-9 year olds in the Waragal Cycle 2 class who prepared a chicken stir-fry with brown rice for fellow students this week.  The idea for this event was to provide the primary children with an activity to work cooperatively and collaboratively towards a common goal. And they were able to practise and apply a number of concepts and skills they have learnt in the classroom, especially around maths.

Each child had a task to do – shopping, preparing ingredients, serving and cleaning afterwards. The shoppers went to source the ingredients from the local green grocer, supermarket and butcher. Those who chose to help prepare the ingredients meticulously cut the vegetables and had the other elements ready to cook. The servers made sure that the cutlery, glasses and plates were ready for use and they were quite gracious in serving everyone. The cleaners had the kitchen tidy for next day’s canteen. All these and nary a complaint from anyone.

The discerning diners of children aged 6-12 years gave the lunch the thumbs up.

The other classes will have their turn to do the same exercise this term.  It puts maths, organisational and teamwork skills to practice and brings the community together through sharing a meal. 

Note:  Cooking and food preparation is an integrated part of the Montessori curriculum from 0 to 12 years.  

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