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28 May 2015

Jewels in the Day

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Kei Ikeda,  Primary School Teacher Cycle 2 (age 6-9 year olds) 

A larger part of the joy of working with children is when you observe the seemingly small things that happen along the way.  Little incidents or 'little jewels' as I like to call them warm our hearts, add humour, and give us gratitude for the work we do everyday in the lives of these wonderful children.  So I'd like to share a few recent moments with my class of six to nine year olds.

  • Children cheering "Yay!" and running to the Cycle 3 classroom (9-12yrs) as they hear news that the graduates have returned from their Journey of Service trip to Thailand.
  • A group of children working together to measure the perimeter around the school and problem solving as they face unforeseen obstacles. They now want to measure the perimeter of our block!
  • Two boys decide to write a piece of persuasive text to a young teenager after learning that he doesn't make his own lunch. They wrote in the conclusion of their piece 'So how about you help your mum by cooking your own food." See image below.
  • Examples of children's daily diary reflections: "I love writing reflections", "I love my morning work cycle because I did lots of work".
  • Children expressing excitement and joy for others' successes at the athletics event and wholeheartedly cheering on those who are last to the finish line.

Our role as teachers is much more than academic education, in fact this is only a small part of the bigger picture, which is to support the whole-person development of the children. 

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