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18 Sep 2015

Project work much more than just the facts.

Project work much more than just the facts.

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Grace Gabales, Montessori East teacher, Cycle 2 (6-9 years) 

My class of Cycle 2 children recently presented their projects on Ancient Roman Civilisation. The projects looked into the Fundamental Needs of Humans and how these were satisfied at that time. Some of the topics were, Food, Clothing, Shelter, Defense, Transportation, Entertainment, Architecture, Trade, Religion, Art and many more.

It is always interesting to see how individual children go about starting and finishing their projects. Some spend a lot of time planning using mind maps. Others just start looking at books and then bookmarking pages that interest them. There are also those who would see what others have found first and then start on their own much later. And … there are those who could be considered minimalist -’Everyone knows that Grace so I don’t need to include that in my writing.’

As to how to present their projects, please don’t let me start on that one. There are those who are quite definite how their projects should be presented - a very, very  particular way in some cases. Others are open to suggestions but will, at the end, make up their own minds. Still, some may take several ‘tries’ before being satisfied with their chosen way.

It is not so much the final product that is of paramount importance (although the children really are proud of their accomplishments). It is the journey - the struggles and the triumphs,  that will be valuable for them in the years to come. 

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