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26 Nov 2015

Moving on up - the three year cycle.

Moving on up - the three year cycle.

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What happens when the big kids leave the room?  The younger ones step into their shoes.  Several of the older children have commenced their visits to the primary classroom (Cycle 2) in the afternoons as part of the transition process. It’s wonderful, and so natural, to see the next rung of children step up to take on their leadership roles in the classroom.  The third year children have been the role models, and now the second year students are keen to model what they have learned; helping the youngest children, guiding, and assisting the teachers. 

By example, the main picture has Master 4.5 showing Miss 3 how to prepare and bake scones.  It was Miss 3's first time with this activity and he guided her through each step with such grace and proficiency.  

This is what the three year cycle is all about.  It gives each child the opportunity to experience how to be a role model, how to model behaviours and in turn all the children benefit.  Mini society at it’s best.  

Authentic Montessori preschools have a well established mixed age three year cycle.  

Kay Urquhart

Teacher, Cycle 1 (3-6 years)

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