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30 Nov 2015



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There’s some exciting transformations happening in Cycle 1 Cooinda class. We have been watching and waiting patiently, and finally our silkworms have cocooned. Here are the words to a beautiful song we have been learning about the life cycle of a silkworm:  Perhaps you could try singing it at home.

All my silkworms
All my silkworms love to chew the juicy mulberry leaves I give them.
Day by day they grow a little bigger as they crawl around the plastic box I put them in, so that I can watch them grow. Weave and spin their silk cocoons.
Now I cannot see them.
Twenty days have passed and still I have not seen my sleepy silkworms.
Maybe they have gone forever, trapped inside their silk cocoons. But wait, there's something moving now. 

Fluttering it's tiny wings.
Standing still on tiny legs.
Little moth don't fly away....

We are keeping a calendar to see if it really does take twenty days until they emerge from their cocoons. But guess what? It only took 6 days until we saw our first moth emerge! We are still waiting and counting the days for the other two. 

Jeni Peterson
Teacher, Cycle 1 (3-6 years)

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