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14 Jun 2016

Cycle 2 : studying angles this week

Cycle 2 : studying angles this week

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Maths is always fun with the Montessori materials, even for the most reluctant mathemeticians, especially when their work leads them to make correlations in other subject areas. 

The Cycle 2 Waragal (age 6-9) children have recently been doing a lot of work on angles. The Montessori protractor was introduced after The Story of the Stars and when one child was using it to measure angles, he said, 'I am thinking of the Babylonians gazing at the stars.'

We provide the children with guidance for their independent work, however there are times when the children come up with their own beautiful follow-up work. After a lesson on the Composition of the Earth, a child used a compass to draw and label all the layers of the earth. Some other children saw his work and before too long, there was a line of children asking this child to give them a lesson on using the compass to draw the layers of the earth.

We have a few resident experts on Greek Myths and Legends. Just a mention of a mythical creature or a character from one of the legends and sure enough these experts will engage you in a very animated an in-depth discussion. Overheard one day, 'I cannot believe that these ruins were once magnificent buildings. “Wouldn't it be so good to go back in time and see how they looked before.”

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