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27 Jun 2016

Contributing to the Class Community

Contributing to the Class Community

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 It’s important for the children to feel an active part of their environment and to contribute to their community. One of the many ways in which they do this is to prepare the morning snack. Children are shown how to cut and prepare the fruit platter each morning. This is a job they share with a friend. Once the fruit is cut and the platter arranged, next comes the washing up and the setting of the morning snack table. It's a big job, but a collaborative effort and one which the children really enjoy. Also a great exercise in patience for those hungry friends waiting for the fruit to be prepared! 

Involving children, even as young as 2 and 3, in helping with food preparation at home is an easy thing to do and demonstrates for them that they are an active participant in family life.  Think of it as early spade work towards more complex chores as they get older. 

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