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15 Aug 2016

Different daily work choices in a Cycle 2 classroom.

Different daily work choices in a Cycle 2 classroom.

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News from Cycle 2, Wangaree class (6-9 year olds)

It is very interesting to observe the children becoming more discerning in choosing peers to work with and becoming more productive in the process. The choices are always varied, choosing different peers to work with in different subject areas.

The older children in the class have written a ‘book’ on - The Story of Bread. They wrote their own version of the story, complete with well crafted illustrations, on the presentation given. Meanwhile, they have been engaged in revising and furthering their knowledge of decimals. They continue to work on the ‘Study of the Country’ by looking at resources and products.

Some of the middle group children have been invited to join some of the presentations for the oldest group. Others have been quite busy strengthening their knowledge of multiplication using the checkerboard. Pin maps seem to be a popular choice - with minimal help sought from adults in finding places and landmarks.

While the youngest group are very keen to move on from adding numbers up to 4 digits to numbers which could be formed using the large bead frame. They take it upon themselves to revise every day by doing two sums every morning. There are a lot of cursive handwriting being practised as well as story being written. 

Grace Gabales

Lead Teacher

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