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29 Aug 2016

Book Week Activities

Book Week Activities

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Book Week activities are lots of fun for all the children of the school.  The youngest children visited Waverley Library and received a 'back stage' tour, while the primary school children enjoyed hearing from visiting authors Morris Gleitzman and Gavin McCormick.

The highlight of the week is the book review presentations by the primary school children.  Working in small groups they read a book write a review and create a diorama reflecting the story line.   

They Cycle 3 children (9-12 year olds) studied a selection of books on Australian stories including picture books. Visual literacy is an important part of the current English curriculum and working with picture books develops an understanding of how stories can be communicated using images. The children looked at how visual narratives are constructed, in particular examining the use of colour, perspectives and size in illustrations.. They engaged in interpretation of the settings, events, characters and themes expressed in these books. 

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