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17 Nov 2015

Children tell what they enjoyed doing at school this week.

Children tell what they enjoyed doing at school this week.

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Every week we share news with parents via the school's weekly bulletin.  We try and include news from the classrooms; snippets of what may have been happening in the past week. 

This week Montessori East preschool teacher Alex Dillon delegated the task of writing the news to the children.  It was an ingenious strategy really, because it made light work for Alex and it's always interesting to hear what the Cycle 1 children have to say.  So Alex typed while the children dictated what they liked doing this week.  

Here is what they had to say.  Notice the variety of activities and the different things each child enjoyed.  It's reflects the choices each child made and a level of satisfaction achieved through the engagement with the activity.  Learning is natural and so enjoyable in this way.

Amelia and Lily have been using the number chains. Someone showed them how to count out the number tickets and put them on the number chain (the chains represent square and cubed numbers). She enjoyed the lesson very much.

Asher has been using the long, red rods. He has also been using the number rods and he said he enjoys the number one and three rod the most. (the red rods are designed to enable a child to explore dimension)

The children are amazed that Alex is thirty three years old. Talk to the children about how old you are. They are excited to count the years that adults have been alive, they understand that these years are the amount of times the earth has been around the sun.

Amber has been enjoying reading, she loved writing the sounds. Her family has brought some amazing stick insects into the Elouera classroom. 

Emma has been enjoying drawing lately, especially drawing big and small people. Tallis has been doing lots of patterns; brown leaf, orange leaf, brown leaf, orange leaf.

Jonathan, has loved the whale puzzle, he told us it was hard to figure out, then a teacher helped him with ways to solve puzzles using clues.  This made him happy.

Owen has enjoyed eating his lunch, he says lunch gives him energy for the day. Without lunch you would not be able to run and you would feel tired.

Luca has been doing the number addition finger board, sticking two numbers together makes another number.

Harley has been doing many flags, they are sticks with pictures on them, there are lots of moons and stars. She doesn't know why they put moons and stars on flags. Her favourite flag is the Australian flag.  People put them on buildings and sometimes on houses to remind people what country they are in.

Samar has been enjoying the golden beads. We use it for addition, we get two big numbers such as one thousand one hundred and two units and we put that together with another big number and count the numbers together.

Thanks kids for sharing!  Such busy little people you are.

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