Quality Assurance

Choosing the right Montessori environment for your child is important. Each school or centre is run independently and is either privately owned or run by a non-profit association.  It's therefore important to check that a quality Montessori programme is being offered.

Montessori East has proudly been awarded it's Registration Certificate by the Montessori Quality Assurance Council (MQAC). The Certificate gives parents confidence that our school is providing authentic, quality Montessori programmes and experiences.  

Montessori Quality Assurance Programme (MQAP)

The Montessori Quality Assurance Programme (MQAP) has been developed to partner with and support all schools and early childhood centres providing Montessori environments. It will assist schools and centres to engage in a process of review, improvement and maintenance to ensure the highest level of Montessori experiences for children and young persons.

The MQAP not only includes an emphasis on continuous improvement but also a registration component. Schools and centres that have been assessed to meet the majority of MQAP quality standards will be designated as “Montessori Registered” schools and centres.

The Montessori Quality Assurance Council (MQAC) through the Montessori Australia Foundation administers the MQAP.

AUstralia does not have a national programme for accrediting Montessori schools, however, if a school or centre is part of the Montessori Australia Foundation (MAF)  it indicates a commitment to .