Resources for Parents

  • The school has a number of books on parenting and education available for loan to parents. Visit the office to make a selection.
  • At right are three books that we can recommend if you'd like to read more about Montessori.

School Library

Our school library is a wonderful resource and new titles are always welcome and needed.   We have a wish list of books if you would like to donate a book or two.   Click here to view the BOOK WISH LIST.    Contact our librarian Sarah Boyd-Clark for more information.  

Homework Guide

This guide provides suggestions for parents of activities that can be done at home which can contribute to a child’s success at school.

Click here to view the HOMEWORK GUIDE

Interesting Articles

Home-work not Homework

Evaluating Montessori Education (Science Magazine)

Montessori Approach to Assessment and Reporting

The Relevance of Montessori in Modern Times

Testing - A Montessori Perspective

The Untapped Potential of the Absorbent Mind